MYANMAR, Embassy of The Union Of


Address: : 8/Flr, Gervasia Bldg., 152 Amorsolo St., Legaspi Village Makati City

Tel. Nos. : 893-1944/812-3644

Fax : 892-8866

Ambassador: H.E. U ANG KHIN SOE

                                Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary




Tourist Visa

      • Valid Passport

      • Two completed Application Forms

      • Three pictures (ppt. size)

  • Visa Fee: US$ 20.00 or Php 1,100.00
  • Copy of applicant ID (Company, Employment, Business Card, etc.)


   Business / Entry Visa

      • The valid Passport

      • Two accomplished Application Forms

      • Three passport size photos

  • Request Letter/Business Invitation Letter/Sponsor Letter

      • Visa Fees: US$ 180.00 or Php 1,980.00


   Multiple Re-Entry Visas

      • Same as Business Visa

      • Visa Fee US $ 180.00 or Php 9,900.00


Payment of Visa Fees

                Visa applicant has to pay the visa fee by depositing the amount to the account of the Embassy of the Union of Myanmar, US Dollar Account no. 003419 2221 014 on the Bank of China, Philam Life Tower, 8786 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, upon approval of the visa application.


Release of the Passport with Visa

                Passport with the visa may be released 3 days after approval of the visa application by submitting the Bank of China validated Deposit Slip and will be issued of the Embassy’s Official Receipt.


Guidelines for taking a visa photo          


  1. The photo must be recently taken one (not older than six months)
  2. The facial region must occupy approximately 80% of the photo area.
  3. The background must be plain white.
  4. Make sure that the color of the subject’s face matches the original skin color
  5. Make sure that the image has a good level of contrast and sharpness.
  6. Make sure that the photo does not glare or light sources do not cast shadows on the subject’s face.
  7. The subject’s face must be at the center of the photo, i.e. the head be positioned such that the approximate horizontal mid-points of the mouth and bridge of nose lie on a vertical line at the horizontal center of the photo width; and a horizontal linen through the center of the subject’s eyes can be located approximately 55% from the vertical bottom of the photo; and the width of the subject’s head is approximately 50% of the width of the photo.
  8. The eyes must not be covered with the hair.
  9. Make sure there is no red eye effect.
  10. The head must be oriented in a full frontal position, with the eyes level & open.
  11. The subject should express a serious look, with the mouth closed tightly.
  12. For those who wear glasses or tinted lenses, make sure that there is no unwanted glare from the glasses. If the frames of the glasses are thick, remove the glasses or make sure that they do not hide the eyes.
  13. Do not wear hats, scarves or headgear while taking photo.
  14. For Muslim women, make sure the veil does not cover the face or does not cast a shadow over the face.
  15. The photo must be presented saved in a CD.
  16. Image dimension should be 35mm x 45mm with a resolution of 300ppi. The file size must be no bigger than 6KB.


Notice: Photos that do not meet the above requirements will not be accepted.