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Guidelines for the Issuance of Visas to Foreign Nationals


I. Type of Visas


Visit Visa


      This visa is usually granted to foreigners who wish to enter the UAE

      temporarily for personal, tourism, visit to relatives, friends, or similar reasons.

      The applicant for this type of visa should be sponsored by a person who is

      presently residing in the UAE. This visa allows a maximum stay of 30 days.

      However, the visit visa can be renewed two times.


     The applicant sponsor will file the visa in the United Arab Emirates.


      Residence Visa


      This Visa is granted to any foreigner who wishes to establish residency in

      the UAE and live with any relative who is in possession of either Employment

      Visa or Labor Card. Examples of mentioned relatives include husband,

      father and/or brother.


      Employment Visa


      This visa is granted to any foreign national who wishes to work in the UAE.

      The visa can only be obtained through the sponsorship of an employer in

      the UAE in coordination with the Ministry of Labor and Immigration



     Note: Employment contracts should bear the attestation seal of the Ministry

      of Labor for white-collar jobs or Immigration Department for blue-collar jobs.


      Transit and Business Visa


      This visa has a maximum duration of 14 days and is granted to foreigners

      who are in transit while going to another place of destination or who wish

      to enter the UAE temporarily for business purposes. A sponsor is required

      for the issuance of this visa, who shall receive them at the airport. This visa

      can also be granted through the sponsorship of hotels or commercial

      establishments with which the applicant is dealing with. Visas are stamped

      upon arrival upon the presentation of the confirmed hotel booking certificate

      and onward flight ticket of the visitor, to the Immigration Officer in the UAE.


      Diplomatic or Special Visa


     This visa is granted to foreigners holding diplomatic passports or special/

      official passports. This type of visa can be obtained through the Embassies

      and Consulate Officers of the UAE.


II. Validity of Visas:


a. Term of Use

            • The validity period shown in the above-mentioned visas

               relates only to the period during which it may be used in

               making applications for admission into the UAE; it does not

               indicate the length of time the foreign national may spend in the UAE.

            • The validity of the above-mentioned visas is two months from

               date of issuance. This means that the holder is given the

               privilege to enter UAE within two months from the date of issuance


b. Duration of Stay

            • Holders of visas a, b, c and e are authorized to stay for 30 days

               in the UAE during which they should complete all formalities

               required for the further extension of their stay in the UAE.


 c. Multi-Entry Visa

            • The visitor of foreigner who has the intention of visiting the

               UAE several times in a given period of time may obtain a multientry visit visa.


Note: Does not issue visit visas except for holders of diplomatic or official

Passports with a note verbale form the Department of Foreign Affairs.